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Martin Portrait 2012Martin Planert

Martin was born in Bavaria Germany, completed a four-year apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 1984. He learnt the traditional  handcrafting techniques from master goldsmiths and finished as apprentice of the year in his district. He had the opportunity to work in Nuremberg, the traditional home of many famous artists, painters and goldsmiths like Albrecht Dürer and Wenzel Jamnitzer.

Martin has also worked in Perth with another well-known and respected Greek jeweller, where his skills and knowledge of constructing accurate geometric forms as well as three dimensional, strongly sculpted designs were further enhanced.

Martin has nourished his lifelong passion for art and jewellery by never ceasing his study of art, design and technique via courses, fine art books and videos. Throughout his professional work-life for more than 30 years in the trade, 
Martin has continued to expand and perfect his knowledge and skills in goldsmithing, manufacturing the highest quality custom-made jewellery.

For Martin, each piece of jewellery is not an assembly of premanufactured items but an individual creation using hammer, files, drills and carving tools that is only finished when he is satisfied himself. He combines his own taste, creativity, technical expertise, traditional skills and highest quality materials to create timeless, uniquely beautiful and personal custom design jewellery.

Martin’s greatest inspiration are his clients and he seeks to capture and reflect aspects of the wearer’s personality in the design. He also draws upon the beauty of nature and past jewellery styles reaching into antiquity.
Martin specializes in a broad variety of jewellery types and styles ranging from contemporary designer rings, pendants, earrings, brooches etc. to Art Nouveau and authentic medieval reproduction pieces.our Workbench as sketch

At the heart of Martin’s jewellery lies his desire to create truly beautiful pieces that express himself and his clients and most of all bring joy to people

Working together with very reliable gemstone merchants Martin is able to supply best quality diamonds and all other precious gemstones or pearls on demand, which allows versatility to perfectly suit the design and the budget of our clients. We work together with other professionals like gemcutters, engravers and watchmakers, who are providing an expert job.Martin 2014

In 1996 Martin became a member, now Fellow of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, which requires its members to be committed to the craft, high standards of honesty and integrity, efficiency of service, quality of materials, craftsmanship and individual design.

Martin regularly participated in various exhibitions and enjoyed passing on his knowledge, holding Jewellery Skills Courses.

Martin's Artist Statement:

I want to stay true to my own style.

Interpretation transforms the initial inspiration into my very own work.goldsmith Martin Planert August 2013

My work becomes my statement.

Completely hand-crafted jewellery is starting with alloying the different colours of 18, 14 or 9 ct yellow, white and rose gold, platinum, palladium and sterling silver. We are offering the whole range of designs, traditional, antique, contemporary and artistic not being fixed to a particular style. That includes remodelling, resetting, resizing and polishing. Repairs are done professionally by ourselves and are not sent away. Even restoration of antique jewellery is no problem. We give obligation free quotes and prepare unique designs to the customers taste. 

Dörte Planert

Born in Bavaria Germany, Dörte went through a High School specialized in Art & Music, worked as a Doctor’s receptionist for 10 years and migrated with her husband to Australia.

They started the family business of manufacturing custom designed fine jewellery. 30 years of sharing the knowledge in goldsmithing and design, graduating in Tafe Courses for Small Business Skills, Drawing Skills, Tour Guiding, gaining her Workplace Trainer certificate, Trampoline and Gymnastics accreditations and running her own Gymnastics Club lead her to tutoring art, craft & jewellery making skills and Argentine Tango. The two children contribute to life being continuously developing in a never-ending learning process.

The range of activities she offered in her courses and her own creations included Pearl-threading, Drawing & sculpturing in various Dörte 2012materials and uses different techniques like carving or embossing, also water-colour, soft pastels, charcoal, pencil, pen & ink drawings, regular design & life-drawing practice sessions, Silk painting, pyrography, carving, silver wire work, beading, copper foil embossing, Linocuts, mono-print, Collages, Mosaic, Pottery, Batik, Makramé, basketry, leatherwork, fabric dying & printing, lace making, weaving, sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, Viking braid cord making, Nalbinding, finger looping, candle & glass bead making.
She strongly believes that every person is very unique and should find her/his individual style, especially in jewellery. Aesthetics, Quality, Comfort and wear ability are of greater importance to her than fashion moods.
Inspiration: People, Children, other Cultures, Travel, Flora, Fauna, Driftwood, Rock Formations, created by nature’s forces, the flowing forms of Art Nouveau, Impressionists e.g. Degas, Lalique, Lapponia Jewellery, Classical Music, Science.Dörte 2014

She started a German social group, got involved with the organisation and fundraising for a local Steiner School, a local string orchestra, drove her children to and stayed during violin and piano lessons for 10 years, then starting and managing a local Symphony Orchestra. Her Self-employment taught her webpage design, computer- and accounting skills as well as organisation, marketing skills and knowledge in customer relations, sale, import and export of various goods. The magic of our jewellery production is not only in the products we create - it's deeply embedded in ethical business, sustainable and mindful living as well as giving back to our society as well.

Becoming involved in a local movie production, Dörte provided about 360 pieces of artworks for the movie 'Life Class', which was launched at Merimbula on 24th October 2016. The accompanying art exhibition will travel Australia for the next year. Original Artworks, which were produced for the movie are on auction at www.galabid.com/lifeclassthemovie

Profiles of actors and artists involved can be found at www.lifeclassthemovie.com
the soul of an artist
Further Interests: Argentine Tango, Ball room, Latin American and Belly Dancing, Healthy lifestyle including Food and Exercise, Languages, Bush walking, Exploring Marine Environment, Snorkeling, Rollerblading, Cycling, Rockclimbing, Abseiling, Fencing, Archery, Medieval Reenactment.
Major Sponsor: since 2003 Donor of medals for yearly Tathra Wharf to Wave Ocean Swim
Since 1980 Regularly supporting Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, local schools, local Bush fire Brigade, Mumbulla Foundation, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre ASRC, Oxfam, Mission Australia, Doctors sans Frontiers, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Avaaz, Clean Energy for Eternity, BlackAs and several Climate and Environmental Organizations. Further being actively involved as a humanist for GetUp and other groups, starting and co-ordinating the South Coast Community Hub for www.1millionwomen.com.au against Climate Change in 2015.

Founder and Co-ordinator of Boomerang Bags Bega Valley Sapphire Coast since 2015, actively reducing plastic bags by organizing volunteer groups to sew shopping bags from recycled or donated fabric to be handed out by shops to Borrow and Bring Back instead of light-weicht plastic bags. http://boomerangbags.org/about/ 

Since 2016 Member of Clean Water for Life Association working to inform population about dangers of water fluoridation in collaboration with professional toxicologist Prof. Paul Connett http://fluoridealert.org/